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Chumby 8 announced: like a Chumby, but more normal (hands-on with video!)

Chumby 8 announced: like a Chumby, but more normal (hands-on with video!)
Chris Ziegler
Chris Ziegler|January 6, 2011 6:10 PM
The original Chumby will always hold a special place in our hearts, but let's be real: the average human doesn't know what to do with a plush, huggable touchscreen that runs Flash Lite. The new Chumby 8 -- leaked not long ago -- is now official, featuring a revamped user interface that allows you to access music from the home screen, manage apps without using the web-based portal, and use internet radio stations as alarm sounds. Where does the "8" in the name come from, exactly? That'd be the 8-inch 800 x 600 resistive touchscreen, a heck of a lot bigger than the 3.5 inches on that Chumby One you've got kicking around.

The core of the Chumby 8, of course, remains the Flash Lite-based apps, and those remain unchanged and totally compatible so that you've got access to the existing lineup of 1,500-plus options. You've got a pair of USB ports, a stereo headset jack, and both CF and SD slots for powering your little desk-dwelling sidekick with media of your choosing. No word on pricing or availability, but it looks like Chumby will be offering these to third parties looking to customize and deploy or resell them -- so our dream of an Engadget-branded photo frame might yet become a reality. Follow the break for our video hands-on!

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