Live from T-Mobile's CES 2011 press event

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|01.06.11

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Live from T-Mobile's CES 2011 press event
On yesterday's new that LG would be bringing the G-Slate Honeycomb tablet to T-Mobile, interest in this particular presser obviously went through the roof -- and now we're here! Let's hope this is an action-packed hour of crazy new hardware, and maybe -- just maybe -- some discussion of HSPA+ as a 4G technology. Set your watches to it: this puppy kicks off at 11:00AM PT (2:00PM ET). Read on!
11:58AM And that's it!

11:54AM 42mbps is a theoretical peak, T-Mobile's claiming the demo today was about 28-29mbps.

11:53AM Plans are to continue with data plans line that are available today. It's looking into some higher plans, though.

11:50AM Pricing on the Streak 7 will be announced in the next couple of weeks.

11:50AM That's it -- Q&A time.

11:49AM "I'm happy that I'm with T-Mobile and have my shirt on!" Humm: "Yes, I understand that."

11:49AM And now we're getting a preview of an upcoming ad -- same format, "I'm a myTouch 4G, I'm an iPhone 4."

11:48AM Ad time. Another myTouch 4G ad we've seen on TV recently.

11:47AM Here comes "Miss T-Mobile 4G"! We didn't know she had an official name.

11:46AM And Philipp Humm's back.

11:45AM Available in the "coming weeks" -- no price yet.

11:45AM Cole's back.

11:44AM Talking about Dell's Stage UI now: "you'll be hearing more about Stage as the year progresses."

11:43AM "This thing blazes because of the T-Mobile 4G network, and it blazes because of the NVIDIA dual-core processor."

11:43AM Streak 7 will be T-Mobile's first HSPA+ tablet (keep in mind the Galaxy Tab was HSPA only).

11:41AM Streak 7!

11:40AM John Thode from Dell is taking the stage... we think we know where this is going.

11:39AM First up, tablets.

11:39AM We're going to start talking about devices now. Stay tuned!

11:37AM CTO Cole Brodman is up.

11:36AM 42Mbps coming to about two-thirds of the network -- 140 million pops -- this year.

11:36AM Ray says there'll never be a premium for 4G service, presumably a reference to Sprint's $10 surcharge.

11:33AM Now we're seeing an online multiplayer game over 42Mbps HSPA+. Hard to get a sense of the benefit here, but we'll take their word for it.

11:32AM Now we're turning our attention to practical tests, starting with an Amazon MP3 album download. Looks like this 12-track album is going to take about two or three minutes... we were expecting something with a little more visual "wow," but we suppose an instantaneous download wouldn't have been real.

11:29AM Starting with a raw speed test on a Windows machine -- averaging around 30Mbps down using a prototype USB stick from ZTE.

11:28AM Okay, now we're getting a 42Mbps demo for reals.

11:28AM Sounds like they've been wandering around Vegas this week, testing HSPA+ versus Verizon LTE and Clear WiMAX -- LTE is marginally faster, but Ray points out that network utilization is still quite light there. WiMAX is much slower.

11:26AM Demo time!

11:26AM It's official: 42Mbps service is coming to T-Mobile this year.

11:24AM Now we're seeing a chart of T-Mobile's 4G evolution on the HSPA+ technology path, starting with 21Mbps in 2010. We're seeing 28, 42, 84, 168, and 672Mbps bars here as we move through dual-carrier, MIMO, and so on.

11:22AM Ray says that HSPA+ will be the dominant next-gen standard over LTE for the next five years. We know that T-Mobile's looking at LTE in the long term, but the way he's talking, it sounds like the very, very long term.

11:21AM Wow, this is getting low down and dirty in the geekiest way possible: Ray says that much of Sprint's backhaul was on Ethernet (as opposed to something better like fiber) as of last October.

11:20AM 40 percent more major metropolitan areas with T-Mobile HSPA+ versus Sprint WiMAX.

11:19AM Neville says T-Mobile's "4G' network is 160 percent bigger than Verizon's. Snap!

11:17AM Here comes Neville Ray -- T-Mobile CTO -- to talk about network upgrades.

11:16AM Humm says they "embrace" their "challenger status."

11:15AM Data traffic on T-Mobile's network doubles every seven months. We can see how backhaul would certainly be a concern.

11:13AM T-Mobile says the keys to the "wireless data revolution" are affordable phones and tablets, aggressive plans and pricing, and rich, compelling services. Translation: cheap, awesome stuff.

11:12AM They've sold 900,000 "4G" devices so far.

11:11AM Nielsen study says T-Mobile's delivering the fastest data in the top 100 markets.

11:10AM "We were late in the mobile broadband race, but we turned out to be the winner of the race." Bit premature, we'd say... "what makes T-Mobile the winner? We are proud to announce we've reached 200 million pops with our 4G network."

11:09AM At a quick glance, it definitely looks a bit like a Galaxy Tab -- but then again, it's hard to distinguish glossy black slates from one another.

11:09AM Here it comes! Park had one too, we just couldn't see it at first.

11:08AM Looks like Humm's got one in his hands, but he's being coy so far.

11:08AM And now he's being joined by LG CEO JS Park! They're talking about yesterday's G-Slate announcement.

11:07AM "I am very excited to share some news with you about the evolution of our network."

11:07AM Here comes CEO Philipp Humm.

11:06AM And another ad. "I'm a T-Mobile myTouch 4G. And I'm an iPhone 4." You've probably seen the commercial.

11:05AM Here we go! They're kicking off by playing a T-Mobile Flash ad embedded on a website trashing the iPhone.

11:00AM We're in! Just waiting for things to get started.
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