Motorola Atrix 4G, HD multimedia dock, and laptop dock hands-on

Earlier today, we got a complete demo and some seat time with the Motorola Atrix 4G for AT&T at Motorola's CES event, including its HD multimedia dock and laptop dock. The phone looks similar to the Samsung Vibrant, but with a black screen bezel and a tastefully patterned matte back cover. Build quality is very good, as we'd expect from a Motorola device. The QHD (960 x 540) display is gorgeous and the phone feels ultra snappy, thanks to the dual-core processor running Froyo. In fact, despite still running preliminary firmware, we recorded a blazing 2,616 score on the Quadrant test. The power button at the top back of the Atrix 4G also serves as a fingerprint reader, and there's a dual-LED flash flanking the 5 megapixel camera. Check out the gallery below and read on for the details -- and the complete demo on video -- after the break.

The HD multimedia dock features a power connector, three USB ports, and an HDMI output, along with an infrared remote. It turns the Atrix 4G into both a multimedia center, and at desktop PC when connected to a TV / monitor and keyboard / mouse. The laptop dock features a 11.6-inch display, two USB ports, a very nice chiclet keyboard, and a comfortably-sized trackpad with two-finger scrolling. It's super thin and light, and made of a lovely mix of aluminum and plastic.The Atrix 4G docks on the back left edge of the device, behind the display.

But the most impressive part of the entire package is the software and user experience that ties it all together. The Webtop app essentially turns the Atrix 4G into a full blown PC, complete with windowed UI, an Mac OS X-like application dock, a full version of Firefox with Flash 10.1 support, a file manager, and Citrix remote desktop support (shown connected to a PC running Windows XP full screen). Better yet, the state of the Webtop app is maintained between sessions, allowing the Atrix 4G to be undocked at any time without missing a beat. It's the first solid alternative to our Continuous Client proposal. We plan to bring you more coverage as soon as possible, but in the meantime watch the video above.