Pandigital 7- and 9-inch Android tablets hands-on

Pandigital isn't beating around the bush with the two tablets it's showing here at CES -- they run Android 2.1, they're not getting Froyo, and they're most certainly not getting Honeycomb. These slates come in 7 and 9-inch varieties, and the 9-inch Novel comes in both AT&T 3G and WiFi-only models. To rub salt in the wound, these guys don't have any Android Market support, and they won't be getting it any time soon (or ever, for that matter). On the bright side though, you get B&N's Nook app pre-installed on the Novel (get it?). Unfortunately, we're most upset that Pandigital hasn't seemed to change any of the things we disliked so much with the first version -- the screens aren't glamorous and the performance is still painfully sluggish. If you're looking for a cheap Android tablet, we'd probably suggest waiting for something with a little bit lot more flare.