Pandigital's 9-inch Novel now on sale... as a QVC exclusive

Those wily shoppers at QVC have beaten the world once again in securing an exclusive on Pandigital's 9-inch Novel tablet. You'll recall that we weren't exactly overwhelmed with joy after handling the 7-inch Novel, and sadly this new slate looks like nothing more than a growth spurt, bringing as it does the same resistive touchscreen, B&N ebook store access, 2GB of integrated storage, and 802.11b/g WiFi highlights. Admittedly, QVC throws in a 4GB microSD card and prices it at an affordable $214, but we're always wary of Android devices that neglect to state which version of the OS they're running. Hit up the source link if you're more courageous -- or if you just want to watch the longest infomercial of your life.