View NBC's The Cape premiere via iPad app (or not)

Keith M
K. M|01.06.11

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NBC's new superhero-themed show The Cape officially debuts its two-hour premiere on TV this coming Sunday night (9 PM EST), but there's at least one way you can get a look at its first hour, legally.

The free DC Comics app on iPad now has a link that allows users to view the first hour of The Cape, or at least a late, unfinished cut of the episode. While the announcements about this new feature make one think you need the DC Comics app to view the video, the appearance of a "Safari" button at the top of the window allows you to send the video's link directly to the browser, where you can copy the URL and view it in any other browser or even download the video entirely. Oops?

So, either make DC Comics and NBC happy and view the video within the official iPad app, or go view it here. Up to you (for now). (UPDATE: Looks like the video was taken down from the app due to "high traffic" issues.)

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