Engadget interviews 50 Cent: inside the mind of a hip-hop mogul techie

50 Cent has a tendency to do things big, so it makes sense that he'd use CES as a platform to launch his new line of headphones in collaboration with Sleek Audio. Luckily for us, he's been hanging out in the back of a Gunnar Optiks RV (he's an investor) that just so happens to be parked right next to the Engadget Trailer. 50's been making the rounds with the press here shopping his latest offerings, but we still jumped at the chance to shoot the breeze with a man who's been shot nine times -- and he turns out to be a pretty nice guy. Get a look into the mind of 50 Cent in our interview after the break, including information on 50's secret "batphone" -- for the ladies only, of course.