Next-generation Audi MMI Touch dashboard with NVIDIA Tegra-power hands-on (video)

Wishing you could get a little closer to that next-generation Audi MMI Touch interface we saw yesterday, the one we're expecting to debut on the A3? Well, you can't -- unless you're at CES, anyway, in which case you can find it chilling out in the NVIDIA booth waiting for you to go play with it. We did, getting a feel for all the lovely things that Audi is doing with the power of its Tegra chipset. It has decidedly limited functionality at this point, but it's certainly enough to give you an idea of what dashboards in 2012 are going to look like, which is way closer to Gran Turismo 5 than we'd have imagined, like a fly-around tire pressure display with a real-time 3D view of the car. Check out the video below and see for yourself.