Seen at CES: iDevices through the years

We saw these displays over in the actual iLounge booth (they also have a deal to sponsor some of the iPhone-related displays here at CES), and thought you readers would enjoy a look. Basically iLounge went back and obtained a version of every single iDevice out there (with the exception of the two iPad models currently out), and mounted them all on the wall lined up from oldest to newest.

It's a pretty cool look at Apple's most recent history. Above, you can see the iPod line from the original device in 2001 up through the iPod classic, as well as the iPod shuffle from introduction shrunk down into the current square form. And after the break, you can see the various iPod nanos, and all of the iPod touch and iPhone models so far. It was definitely a cool little look at Apple's history in between all of the other CES chaos going on this week.