Motorola Xoom: pretend UI hands-on walkthrough (video)

The Motorola Xoom is a huge product this year for two reasons: it's a major first tablet from a major Android manufacturer, and it's the flagship device for Honeycomb, an OS that's been announced for dozens of other tablets here at the show, but not actually shown running on any of them. The only problem is that Motorola isn't really showing Honeycomb on the Xoom, either. Instead they're showing a demo video of the UI, which is actually running on top of real Honeycomb. For a glimpse under the covers, Jacob snagged a quick illicit peek at a totally unpopulated home screen, the gallery app, and even the task switcher the other day. We'll just keep that between us, however, and until we get a full-on official look at the UI, we thought we'd walk you through that demo UI video Moto is running on the actual tablet and pretend like we're actually using the thing, which should clear up some of the confusion on this brand new tablet OS while simultaneously stoking our egos. Check it out after the break.

Update: Here's the gallery of the non-pretend and very real UI shots we peeked in the first hands-on post (including a shot of the task switcher in its current form).