Verizon reportedly ready to offer unlimited data plans on iPhone

Still not believing that Verizon Wireless will introduce a CDMA'd iPhone for its network tomorrow? We can't say we're completely sold either, but it's getting harder and harder to fight off the emotions pointing to "yes." The Wall Street Journal has followed up on its earlier reports by suggesting that not only will VZW soon carry Apple's iPhone 4, but that it will make no changes to its data plans once that happens. Of course, it's not like anyone actually expected Big Red to do such a thing, but it's definitely one more reason for heavy users to consider Verizon Wireless over AT&T. Grandfathered customers notwithstanding, AT&T users who buy a new iPhone 4 are hit with a few tiered data plan options, with the largest ($25 / month) being capped at 2GB. With Verizon, $29.99 per month nets you "unlimited" data, though you could run into issues if you routinely suck down more than 5GB -- a rather typical 'gotcha' in the American cellular space. The real question, however, is this: will the Verizon iPhone be compatible with Verizon's $14.99 / month (150MB) plan, and moreover, will it ever be upgradable to handle the LTE network we heard oh-so-much about just days ago? Bookmark our liveblog and tune in tomorrow to find out!