Oldboy director Chan-wook Park shoots new movie on iPhone 4

Keith M
K. M|01.11.11

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Oldboy director Chan-wook Park shoots new movie on iPhone 4

Last year, I caught a top 10 list somewhere that listed the top movies ever with twist endings. All but one of them I'd already seen, that one being the critically acclaimed Korean film Oldboy, directed by Chan-wook Park. Seeing as it was available for streaming on Netflix, I pulled it up that night. Suffice to say, it has one hell of a twist ending, and I'll warn you now that it's... uncomfortable.

Oldboy isn't the only movie on Park's resume, though it's arguably his most recognized. The director is adding yet another film to his IMDb page, and this one has a different sort of twist involved: it was filmed entirely on an iPhone 4. The film, titled Paranmanjang ("life full of ups and downs" in Korean) clocks in at about 30 minutes and was made on a budget of only US$133,000. Park says he took advantage of the iPhone 4's small size and low price (relative to the project) to easily utilize multiple iPhones for many different camera angles.

I wonder what iPhone apps Park made use of in the recording of his film, other than the native Camera app. Would there be any reason he'd want to not shoot natively and do the full post-processing later on larger gear?

Paranmanjang is set to hit theaters on January 27 in South Korea.

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