WVIL's unbelievable 31 megapixel cameraphone is unbelievably fake, attempts pathetic viral campaign (update)

Honestly, we never thought people could get this high and drunk in Vegas, but the guys from WVIL were really pushing it. Their crime? A blatantly staged viral campaign for an "unbelievable" smartphone that sports a 31 megapixel CMOS full frame sensor. Oh, and it has an interchangeable lens, too, with which you can use the main body as a wireless viewfinder (like the Samsung SH100 paired up with an Android phone). Nice concept, WVIL, just too bad your mom called to disown you at CES. Video after the break.

Update: The Artefact Group, a Seattle design firm, just emailed to inform us that the idea is their own -- see the whole concept at our more coverage link below.