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Dexim's Frixbee and Visible G chargers on display at CES 2011

Mike Schramm
Mike Schramm|January 12, 2011 7:00 AM
Accessory manufacturer Dexim had a whole booth full of charging products on display at CES, but two caught our eye while walking around the show floor. The first was the Frixbee induction charging setup above, which consists of an induction pad with room for two different devices and a case that goes on your iPhone 4. The case is pretty slim, though it takes up the iPhone's dock connector while charging, so I'd have to remove it when going out. The induction pad has a magnet in it that will help center your device in the right spot. It's the best implementation of induction (wireless) charging I've seen, though I'm still hoping for induction components as a built-in part of the iPhone, rather than relying on an add-on case. The Frixbee will be sold for about US$80 and should be available around May.

The other cool product was the Visible G (for Green) charging cable. It's a standard charging cable for iPhone with one difference: it lights up while charging. LED light moves along the cable, slowly when the phone is low on charge, and faster when it's almost full. You can see from across the room how much charging your iPhone needs. The charger is "green" because it will cut off the power once your phone is fully charged; most chargers continue to pull juice out of the wall. The Visible G is due out in the first week of March for $39.95.