Harman Experimental HMI with netbook internals, augmented reality aspirations hands-on (video)

Harmon's Experimental HMI has netbook internals, augmented reality aspirations (video)

Yes, folks, more fun infotainment systems to hope that your manufacturer of choice picks up before your 'Ol Bessie gives up the ghost and has to be put out to pasture. Regardless of which logo you prefer on your grille there's a good chance that Harman works with them, and so maybe they'll pick up this. It's called the Experimental HMI and it's basically a netbook for your dash -- minus the keyboard and junk. It's running an Atom processor and has a Flash-based interface, making it easy to develop for. The killer app at this point is an augmented reality navigation system you can see demoed in the video below, but it'll ultimately be up to the manufacturers to do what they will with it.