Evigroup Paddle Pro's steamy demo gives you head tracking, hot flashes

We've been waiting to see the Paddle Pro in action since Evigroup announced the hands-free tablet last year, but we never imagined our introduction would be this, well... titillating. We previously announced that the tablet would utilize a front-facing webcam to track head movements for cursor control, and as far as we can tell, the system follows through on its promises: the cursor follows the motion of the user's head with fluidity, and -- it seems -- staring at any point on the screen more than a half-second equates to a click of the mouse. Frankly, we're still stumped on the double-click, though. A Paddle Pro sporting Windows 7 runs €990 ($1300), while the same tablet sans the software costs €890 ($1169). We're still jonesing to see its moves in person, but if you're looking for a little tablet eye-candy to spice up your day, check out the unashamedly racy demo after the jump.

[Thanks, WMax]

Paddle Pro - Présentation et Head-tracking
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