Feral Interactive offers digital downloads on multiple online stores

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|01.14.11

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Feral Interactive offers digital downloads on multiple online stores
Here's a cool note I missed last week among the hustle and bustle of CES: Feral Interactive is one of the biggest publishers of Mac games out there, often porting and publishing games from larger PC developers over to the Mac platform. Last week, the company announced that four games it has published (Borderlands, Rome: Total War, LEGO Harry Potter and Bioshock) would be available for sale through three different digital download services (Direct2Drive, GamersGate and the MacGameStore).

That's good news, not only for Mac gamers who want more options to pick from for their games, but for the platform as a whole. Steam has made plenty of headlines, both during the launch and since, but a deal like this shows that there is demand for Mac games even beyond the most popular digital store online. Direct2Drive especially is a fairly large digital store known for PC game sales, and the fact that Feral games are now available on the service is a nice indicator of how popular the Mac platform is becoming among gamers and other users.
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