Fujifilm's X100 hybrid viewfinder demoed on video, gets us all sorts of excited

Imagine a retro-styled, Micro Four Thirds-sized compact camera with an optical viewfinder. Now, imagine that same camera having a switch that throws all sorts of useful data into your line of sight. That camera is Fujifilm's Finepix X100, and that viewfinder is real. Back at Photokina, the mockup we ran into didn't have a functioning viewfinder, but with just two months until the $1,000 beaut is released into the wilds of America, it's not too shocking that our brethren over at Engadget Spanish managed to come across a (mostly) functional one at CES last week. Eager to show the world exactly what a hybrid viewfinder looks like when being flipped on and off, they shoved a camera up against the OVF and toggled the new mechanism -- it's downright luscious, and it's waiting for you in the video just past the break.

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