iGUGU InterneTV works as promised in its strange little niche (hands-on)

The first time we laid eyes on iGUGU's InterneTV marketing materials, we sensed something was strange in the neighborhood. After seeing the unique product in action though, we've decided to give it a bit more credit. Unlike most internet TV solutions that rely on set-top boxes to stream content, iGUGU's product attempts to make connecting an existing computer to a TV easier using software, a wireless or wired TV connector, and a special QWERTY keyboard remote. The software then provides a not-so-pretty TV interface for browsing through any type of content a computer could normally access online. True to its word, we watched the system play videos on and other blocked sites devices like a Roku box or AppleTV can't access. The application also allows users to play local content stored on the computer and aggregates content in pre-populated "channels" like local news, movies, and TV shows. That's all gravy, but we're not sure its worth $99 considering it still requires a computer to work. For more shots of the UI and included components browse through the gallery below.