Killzone 3 contains over an hour of cutscenes

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Killzone 3 contains over an hour of cutscenes
The "3" in "Killzone 3" might as well stand for the quantity of cinematics in Guerilla's latest shooter -- three times the amount employed by Killzone 2. The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) said in its bestowing of an "18" (mature) rating on the game that its cutscenes total 70 minutes. Its predecesor, by comparison, contained 25 minutes worth of story sequences, according to the BBFC.

Let's see: We know that characters voiced by Malcolm McDowell and Ray Winstone will be chewing up the scenery for a good chunk of that hour and 10 minutes; the rest will therefore be composed of shouting space marines and other guys who are also shouting but have red "eyes." Someone get Michael Bay on the phone!
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