Motorola Atrix hitting March 1st, according to AT&T document leak?

Motorola said its fantastical modular dual-core smartphone the Atrix 4G would appear in the first quarter of the year -- and it's looking like the device will be as late in that first quarter as can be managed without completely bumming us out. Alleged AT&T internal documents found their way into the hands of Android Central, which specify a March 1st launch date for the handset, as well as pointing out pentaband radio frequencies which might help it roam globally but probably won't play nice with T-Mobile data. And what, pray tell, is the Atrix 4G? We'll have to assume you were living in a cave during CES if you need to ask, but we're more than willing to bring you up to speed with the hottest item of the show -- just click on this, this and this.

[Thanks, Ahmad A.]