Nokia X7 press shot emerges with AT&T branding, subsidized hopes and dreams (update: canceled)

Is AT&T seriously gearing up to sell a subsidized Nokia smartphone once again in the US of A? Given the company's long absence from being included in any US carrier's smartphone section, it still feels more like a dream than an impending reality, but that image above is certainly hard to ignore. According to Pocketnow's sources, the first press images of the Nokia X7 are legitimate, and the AT&T branding isn't by accident. Purportedly, the Symbian^3-based phone will be hitting Ma Bell's shops as early as this month, bringing along an eight megapixel camera (with dual-flash), four speaker grilles (two of which have drivers underneath) and a ClearBlack display. Hit the source link for a look at the rear.

Update: Our dreams have been dashed by Pocketnow, who says its original source was out of date -- AT&T had apparently planned to stock the X7 under the name "Nokia Journey" in time for a Mobile World Congress launch, but those plans have reportedly been canceled by AT&T itself.

[Thanks, Ben E.]