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Runes of Magic addresses account hacks

Jef Reahard
Jef Reahard|January 15, 2011 11:00 AM
What do you do if a game company's actions get under your skin? If you're a hacker that goes by the name of Cpt.Z3r0, you breach the company's account security and post thousands of user names and passwords to its public forum. Runes of Magic publisher Frogster recently fell victim to said cyber-bullying, and though the offending information was quickly removed from the game's German website, the saga is far from over.

The hacker(s) claim possession of 3.5 million accounts, and in an anonymous video message recently uploaded to YouTube, state that Frogster "better start respecting the people that pay your salary." While specific details of the demands are unclear, the video message hints at Frogster's reputation for censoring critical forum posts. Runes of Magic community manager Mike "Silberfuchs" Kiefer posted an official reply on the game's boards, stating in part that a criminal investigation is underway and that the 2,100 compromised accounts have been blocked from accessing the game, forum, and account management until the dust settles.