Wi-LAN reaches settlement with Intel over patent dispute, set to receive a 'significant amount'

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|01.17.11

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It's hard to know how to feel about this one, whether it's a case of a patent troll getting a delicious kickback or the little guy slaying the evil, giant, patent-infringing corporation. Whichever interpretation you choose, know that Wi-LAN has apparently been victorious in its long-running dispute with Intel, not actually winning but, according to Chief Executive Jim Skippen, receiving a "significant" settlement due to apparent infringements of the company's various wireless-related patents. There are apparently 16 other defenders left since Wi-LAN sued the world, but Intel throwing up its hands is not a good sign for the others. Or, maybe Intel just decided its legal fees are too high and is settling everything it can.
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