West Virginia county commission says MagicJack skipped out on 911 fees

MagicJack has found itself in more than a few contentiousconfrontations before, and it looks like it's now landed in another with the Kanawha County Commission in Florida West Virginia. It's alleging that MagicJack has failed to collect 911 fees and in turn pay the funds to the county, which relies on the fees to fund its 911 emergency center -- or, as Kanawha County Commission President Kent Carper succinctly puts it, "there's nothing 'magic' about Magic Jack." For it's part, the MagicJack insists that it is not a "voice-over-Internet" provider and therefore isn't required to pay 911 fees, and it further adds that it isn't even able to collect the fees due to the way its product is sold. We'll just have to wait and see how well that argument holds up when MagicJack faces the state's Public Service Commission on March 1st -- which, incidentally, has already denied MagicJack's request to dismiss the case.