R-E-S-P-E-C: Find out what it means to Star Wars: The Old Republic

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R-E-S-P-E-C: Find out what it means to Star Wars: The Old Republic
We all know that it's a terrible pain to pick skills on the fly as you're leveling up your character. What if you choose a useless skill or maybe one that doesn't fit your playstyle? Or worse: What if you completely choose the wrong Advanced Class? This has been a major concern for many Star Wars: The Old Republic fans, especially given the vast differences in the Advanced Classes.

Yesterday, in a post on the official forums, SWTOR Lead Combat Designer Georg Zoeller answered this burning question. He confirmed that we will be able to respec our stats within an Advanced Class. However, he had this to say about switching to a different Advanced Class: "You may be able to spec to another Advanced Class, but that is something we haven't entirely made up our mind about as there are plenty of arguments that can be made - pro and con - and future class developments could influence this." It may be possible to change from a Jedi Wizard Sage to a Jedi Shadow, but you definitely will not be able to go from a Jedi Consular to a Jedi Knight because of story restrictions.

For more information, visit the official forums and stay tuned here for the latest from The Old Republic.
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