Cardmon enters open beta

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Cardmon enters open beta
The time has come for CardMon Hero's card-summoning free-to-play MMO action to be released on the masses -- although there's still a bit of testing to go. That's why they've finally started open beta for the game as of today. Now players who have been curious are able to get in and check it all out, and T3 Entertainment, Redbana, and Hanbitsoft can get valuable feedback about the direction they're headed from a wider variety of gamers. (As well as the inevitable stress testing that generally goes on during this phase.)

With CardMon Hero's card-based systems, players can build up a store of Mercenaries, skills, and more to set their character up however they'd like to play the game. Whether you are the overlord of a series of powerfully-built minions, or prefer to get into the thick of combat yourself, it offers quite a variety of styles. Aside from that, players will find a deep card crafting system, lots of quests to do, and much to explore. So, if you're interested in checking out the open beta -- or just remember it from back when it was Camon Hero and want to sign up to see the changes -- then head over to the CardMon Hero site. If you'd like a preview before signing up, we have a series of new screenshots and exclusive wallpapers in our gallery below!

If you'd like a full-sized image of any of the exclusive wallpapers, you can snag them by clicking the images after the break to get the large image.
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