Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant will get Froyo tomorrow, says T-Mobile CMO

Sorry, gents, but your conspiracy theories are wholly kaput -- not only is a Samsung Galaxy S getting Android 2.2 stateside, but the speedy software update will start rolling out tomorrow on T-Mobile USA. That's the word direct from T-Mo chief marketing officer Cole Brodman, who tossed the news to PC Magazine this afternoon, saying that the delay was a "quality control and timing issue." Apparently, there's extra work involved in skinning the operating system and adding exclusive apps like WiFi calling -- though he didn't confirm either would specifically appear in the Vibrant's build of Froyo. Here's some more welcome news, though: the gentleman promised that in general, Android updates on T-Mobile will be more prompt from now on, as the firm's shooting to update all phones to new versions within five months of Google making source code available. Does that mean we should expect some Gingerbread men by May? We're not totally sure, but we imagine that T-Mobile's rivals aren't sitting still -- we'll probably hear some fascinating, captivating and totally epic news about Froyo any minute now.