Aion update tweaks crafting difficulty

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|01.21.11

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Aion update tweaks crafting difficulty
Part two of the Aion 2.1 update is on the way to servers across Atreia, and the dev team has posted the official patch notes to the game's website. The build debuted on the public test servers yesterday and is scheduled to take a bow on the live servers next Wednesday, January 26th.

The second half of the 2.1 patch focuses on Aion's crafting, and many new recipes are included in the mix. NCsoft has also upped the drop rates for many crafting materials (including desirable Balaur components like hearts and balic items). Your chances of snagging a "greater" version of the resources farmed from harvesting nodes have also been increased, and many crafting quests will see reduced difficulty (including the wince-inducing expert crafting quests as well as the Miragent Holy Templar and Fenris Fangs quests).

The patch also brings a number of tweaks to instances, NPCs, and items, and you can see the full list of updates via the official website.
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