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iOS 4.3 beta suggests iPad 2 has one megapixel rear camera

"The iPad 2 has a camera." We know, it feels all but certain at this point (even when it's far from official), but perhaps we can expand on that quoted assertion further. Like everyone else who can laugh at Objective-C jokes, 9 to 5 Mac has been digging through the latest iOS SDK and found some data referring to K94, which it claims is the codename for the next-generation iPad. (For reference, the original iPad was K48.) Anyway, within that code lies a string reference to "Back Facing 1MP Photo." Going further, the front-facing camera is reportedly VGA -- same as the iPhone, same as the iPod touch. It's unclear if the also-found "K95" files also included the same data, or what exactly that codename might be, but if you're the betting sort, feel free to say, "the iPad 2's megapixel mullet is 0.3 up front, 1 in the back." It's still a gamble until Apple unveils it with a puff of virtual smoke on a presentation slide.