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Engadget Podcast 230 - 01.24.2011

Engadget Podcast 230 - 01.24.2011
Trent Wolbe
Trent Wolbe|January 24, 2011 11:01 AM
This week in consumer electronics was full of culture. Or maybe it was full of color -- we're not quite sure what the difference might be, but there was a lot of weird / cool news in the CEO, handheld gaming, and tablet worlds. The point is, we've got another weird / cool podcast on our hands that you haven't listened to yet and you need to take care of that, like, five minutes ago.

Hosts: Joshua Topolsky, Nilay Patel, #1 Digitimes bestselling author Paul Miller
Producer: Trent Wolbe
Music: Superstition

00:04:15 - Steve Jobs takes medical leave from Apple, Tim Cook taking over daily operations in his absence
00:10:22 - Apple turns in record Q1: $6b profit on $26.7b revenue, 16.2m iPhones sold
00:23:20 - Apple's invested in a 'very strategic' $3.9b component supply agreement, but what is it?
00:25:10 - Asahi Glass introduces Dragontrail for consumer electronics, puts the Gorilla on notice (video)
00:25:48 - Larry Page taking over as Google CEO, Eric Schmidt will remain as Executive Chairman
00:35:30 - Google Voice now lets you port your own phone number, maybe (update)
00:44:53 - Exclusive: HP / Palm's webOS tablets -- pictures, plans, and more
00:45:42 - HP / Palm tablet to feature Touchstone dock, cloud storage, Beats audio and Tap-to-Share smartphone integration
00:49:30 - HP calls us out, implies it's got even better scoops at February webOS event
00:53:20 - HP's first webOS tablet may start shipping in March, fulfill longstanding promise
01:06:00 - Motorola Xoom launching February 17th at Best Buy (update: priced at $700)
01:06:22 - Motorola Xoom priced at $800 at a minimum, according to Verizon leak
01:14:52 - Nintendo 3DS coming to US March 27th for $249.99, Europe first on March 25th (video)
01:19:10 - Live from Nintendo's 3DS preview with Reggie Fils-Aime
01:23:22 - Bloomberg: Sony PSP2 to debut next week, PlayStation Phone at MWC
01:23:47 - This fan-made PSP redesign is sexy
01:25:15 - PSP2 to be based on iPhone-esque PowerVR GPU, rival original Xbox in power?
01:27:52 - The Engadget Show returns next Sunday with Steve Wozniak!

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