iOS game The Incident recreated in real life

David Quilty
D. Quilty|01.24.11

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David Quilty
January 24, 2011 10:45 PM
iOS game The Incident recreated in real life
The Incident

The Incident, a retro-style game for iOS devices that makes players avoid and jump on mountains of debris falling from the sky in order to reach the top, has been recreated in real life by some enterprising young gamers. Brought to our attention by MacStories, the video of the "sweding" (remaking something from scratch using whatever you can get your hands on) of The Incident is quite amusing to watch as these guys remake everything, from the opening credits to the music and the large items "falling" from the sky that the real-life player must avoid and climb up on.

Our own Mike Schramm reviewed The Incident back in August of last year and called it "worth every cent of the US$1.99" it sells for on the App Store, so you gamers into retro action may want to check it out. We've seen some creative sweding of games before, like this live-action version of Angry Birds, but the video of The Incident is a must-see for gaming fans of any ilk.

Click Read More to watch the real-life video of The Incident in action.

[via Kotaku and MacStories]

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