You can put a price on Love, and that price is now 10 euros

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You can put a price on Love, and that price is now 10 euros
Indie developer Eskil Steenberg's procedural, super-pretty world-building MMO Love has gone through a ton of changes in the past few months -- all of which are highlighted in this press release, which isn't a press release at all, but rather, a Craigslist Missed Connections Listing. How wonderful.

The most significant change? The game's pay-per-play subscription fee has been reduced to €10 (call it: $13.50 and change) for 180 days of playtime. (Previously, €10 got you just 30 days of Love.)

You can check out a video demonstration of some of the game's new features (as well as a basic tutorial led by Eskil himself) after the jump. Just try to stop the video as soon as it's over, because as you might imagine, the YouTube suggestions for a video titled "Love Tutorial" are unspeakably weird.

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