Google I/O includes Google TV app development session; software speedup in the works

Take this for what it's worth, but the schedule for Google's 2011 I/O conference includes a little session called "Building Android Apps for Google TV," as well as "Building Web Apps for Google TV." That's certainly interesting, as Google's reportedly asked TV manufacturers to delay (or at least downplay) their smart TV products at CES until the core software is revamped, and we're hearing that the relaunch will focus heavily on apps. We're also told by a trusted source that there's a big performance boost coming as things get more optimized, comparable to the jump from Android 1.6 to Android 2.3 on phones, and that future input devices will be more streamlined and simpler to use than the current Logitech and Sony affairs. That's all good news, but, um, I/O isn't until May, so we're hoping all this stuff comes true much, much sooner than that.

[Thanks, D.]