T-Mobile releases: Streak 7 and Galaxy S 4G in February, G-Slate in late March?

Odds are you'll have your first chance at Honeycomb with Motorola's Xoom next month, but LG's G-Slate for T-Mobile -- which might very well be 3D-enabled -- shouldn't be too far behind. New intel coming out of TmoNews today pegs the G-Slate for a March 23rd launch with an unknown price tag, preceded by the Dell Streak 7 on February 2nd (which is being billed as the carrier's "first 4G tablet" thanks to its HSPA+ support) at $299.99 on contract after rebate. Turning to non-tablet news, the Galaxy S 4G -- which you might recall is basically a Vibrant remixed with HSPA+ -- looks line up for February 23rd. In other words, it's going to be a busy, wallet-emptying couple months for you T-Mobile types... so save up while you can.