Verizon confirms iPhone will get $30 unlimited data plan, we try to act surprised (update: WiFi tethering prices)

Hot on the heels of re-tooling its data plans Verizon is now confirming that the iPhone will indeed be eligible for the company's $30 unlimited data plan. COO Lowell McAdam told The Wall Street Journal "I'm not going to shoot myself in the foot," thus confirming what we already knew and showing his keen sense for both business and self-preservation. No comment on whether discontinuing the company's $15, 150MB monthly data plan will result in penetration wounds to any other appendages, but time will tell on that one.

Update: As spotted by SlashGear, WSJ has posted an update indicating that the unlimited plan is a decidedly limited time thing, with tiered pricing to come in the "not too distant future." Intrigue!

Update 2: And Macworld's confirmed that Verizon's iPhone WiFi data tethering pricing will be the same as all their other phones: $20 a month on top of your regular data plan, with a separate 2GB cap and $20-per-gig overage charges.

[Thanks, Mike]