White iPhone 4 rumored as Apple Store goes down globally (update: nope)

It was bound to happen sometime, and today is as good as any other post-holiday day to launch the mythical white iPhone 4. While normally we'd consider a Wednesday night shuttering of the global Apple store to be maintenance-related, a tweet identifying a pair of supposed white iPhone part numbers -- MC604X/A (16GB) and MC606X/A (32GB) -- has surfaced, attributed to an established last-minute Apple insider known only as "Mr. X" in various tech forums. Mind you, "spring " was the last official timeframe for a white iPhone release. But please, we beg you... don't say that it's early if it does appear when the Apple Store returns to business later today -- we don't want anyone to get hurt in the comments.

Update: has undergone a subtle redesign, with the navigation bar up top taking on a shinier new look, though the Store remains down. A little bit of web-based multitasking, eh Apple?

Update 2: Store is back and we're not seeing anything new. You?