Age of Conan dev update details new solo instances

Looking for more solo-centric content in Age of Conan? If so, you'll want to check out Funcom game director Craig "Silirrion" Morrison's latest monthly development update for all the details on three new solo instances coming soon to a Hyborian server near you.

First up is the Refuge of the Apostate, a level 80 instance found in Khitai's Kara Korum zone. The dungeon centers on the conflict between the Scarlet Circle and Last Legion factions, though non-aligned players will still be able to take part. The encounter is designed to be challenging both in terms of navigating the environment and defeating the boss and his minions, so Funcom designers have granted players significant completion rewards including faction marks of acclaim and rare trophies. There's a catch though -- the dungeon can only be done once every 20 hours.

Funcom is also gifting solo players with two Auto Content Generation (ACG) dungeons. If you're familiar with the Tarantia Noble District villas, you'll have an idea of what's in store here. Like the villas, each of the new areas scales to a player's level between 40 and 80. The Breach and the Forgotten City dungeons feature three repeatable quests, also located in Khitai, and they are designed to provide players with another option for advancing to endgame.

Read all about the new instances (and a bit about upcoming crowd-control tweaks) on Age of Conan's official forums.