The Daily Grind: Do you make stealth alts?

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The Daily Grind: Do you make stealth alts?
If you've spent any kind of time in MMOs, you've undoubtedly run into at least one person who drives you completely insane. Perhaps your boss heard you mention World of Warcraft at the coffee machine one day and popped up in your guild shortly thereafter, ensuring that you'd never have a moment's peace in-game ever again. Maybe one of your real-life friends is the sweetest person face-to-face but when gaming becomes an unapologetic, egocentric loot-fiend prone to throwing tantrums if he can't gear up his alts over other people's mains. Or you could pick any of the many nerve-wracking examples that Justin so thoughtfully provided us in yesterday's MMO player hell top 10 list.

Most of the time, you have three ways to deal with these types of people. First, you can tell them to sod off. That's not so popular, and in the case of RL friends or bosses, it can be downright dangerous, but it works. Second, you can simply quit playing the game altogether. But that option sucks if you enjoy the game when you're not around the annoying people, and it can cut you off from other good friends you want to spend time with. That leaves you with the third option of the seasoned MMO vet: stealth alts! You know, the alt characters you don't put in-guild, the ones you keep secret purely to enjoy the game with friends who are similarly sick of certain situations. This morning we wondered, with flashbacks of MMO player hell fresh in our minds, if you too have made stealth alts to avoid people -- and if so, whom?

Don't worry, we won't tell them!
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