Another batch of Final Fantasy XI answers for players

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|02.01.11

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Another batch of Final Fantasy XI answers for players
The times in Final Fantasy XI are changing, it seems, with the advent of an early February mini-patch serving as a sign of same. That's hardly the only thing players have questions about, but the most recent dispatch from the development team focuses primarily upon what the mini-patch will bring. Still, the improved communication goes across the board, discussing details of future updates and other system changes as well as some requested features that will have to remain omitted.

New auto-translate phrases, for instance, are something that the team would like to implement but can't due to PS2 hardware limitations. The pattern for version update files, however, is being changed to better accommodate the same hardware limitations, saving the machine from having to download the full update and then apply the files one by one. Perhaps most heartening to veteran players, experience gains will be adjusted outside of Abyssea to try to ease the gap between the add-on scenarios and the rest of the world. Final Fantasy XI players can take a look at the full list of questions and get ready for the version update in early February.
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