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Sony's Bloggie Touch software now available for Mac

Rick Martin
Rick Martin|February 1, 2011 12:00 PM

To the delight of Mac users out there who own Bloggie Touch pocket camcorders, Sony has just released a Mac version of the camera's onboard software, which was previously only available for PCs. It allows you to view and edit video, as well as upload it to multiple online platforms, like YouTube, Facebook or Flickr.

This software release is for current Bloggie Touch owners, as well as those who buy from the current line before the new models come later this spring (Psst! Wait for the new models!). Moving forward, Bloggie cameras will include the Mac software onboard, just like the PC version.

The software can be downloaded from the Bloggie eSupport page. Just make sure you select your particular camera model, which should be written along its side as pointed out in the video below.

Of course, if you're already satisfied with your Mac's ability to handle your Bloggie's video, just continue on doing what you were doing. Nothing to see here...