Android Market web store hands-on

Google's new Android Market web store is a pretty awesome and simple idea in theory -- browse and buy apps through the web, hit install, and watch them appear on your Android phone or tablet. Of course, there are a lot of things that could go wrong along the way, but that's certainly not what we're finding in our early use. Sure, it took Google some time to turn on the login function after opening up for business this afternoon, but once we were finally able to log in, we were installing apps right and left, and then watching them almost instantly "or automagically" pop up on our Motorola Droid 2 Global and Dell Streak 7. (You can actually select which device you'd like to download the app to.) Yep, it's pretty convenient stuff.

The web store interface itself is simply laid out, and just like the mobile app, it's easy to find apps by searching or just browsing the categories listed on the left rail. However, there's no doubt that selling apps is top of mind now for Google -- it's no coincidence that in each category, the Market defaults to showing paid apps on the first tab and free ones the second. In addition, Games has been moved up to the top of the category list, and considering games are one of the most popular paid app categories, it clearly makes those racing and arcade titles hard to pass by. Speaking of forking over money for apps, you can do just that through the web store checkout process -- put in your credit card right on your computer screen, save for later use (if that's your thing), and you're good to go shopping. Now just give us carrier billing and we'll be all set. We could go on and on, but that would just be boring -- try it out for yourself and let us know in the comments if you encounter any glitches. %Gallery-115595%