Bell bringing HTC HD7 on February 10th?

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|02.02.11

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Bell bringing HTC HD7 on February 10th?
If you're game for Windows Phone 7 on Bell, you've got one lonely option right now, and you'd better like landscape QWERTY sliders: the LG Optimus Quantum, a phone you may know better simply as the Quantum on AT&T in the US. Looks like that might change in just a few days' time, though, as MobileSyrup has scored some launch documentation for HTC's HD7 -- a phone that's on T-Mobile in the States -- that indicates it's launching on the 10th of this month. Unfortunately, pricing is a little uncertain because the documents are showing CAD $599.95 (about $606) regardless of contract length, so realistically, that's probably what you can expect to pay if you choose to forgo a contract altogether. At this point, we'd be curious what Microsoft and its hardware partners have in store for round two of Windows Phone 7's retail push rather than buying a first-generation device -- but then again, it's always hard to resist a 4.3-inch display, isn't it?
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