Tilt to Live HD add-on introduces a case of turrets

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Tilt to Live HD add-on introduces a case of turrets
One Man Left has deployed an upgrade for the iPad version of its fantastic top-down shooter, Tilt To Live. The "Viva la Turret" mode is available as an in-app purchase and centers around the strategic use of a powerful new weapon: the Perferator turret. This bad boy provides 360 degrees of defense against the game's relentless red dots, but only lasts for a limited time and needs a short period to respawn between uses.

Those who already own Tilt to Live HD can get the Viva la Turret add-on for $1. One Man Left has decided to include the mode for new buyers, but has bumped up the game's price from $4 to $5 as a result. We'd say the shmup could be $15 and we'd still buy it in an instant, but we don't want to give anybody ideas.

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One Man Left Studios has announced the release of the first paid expansion for Tilt to Live HD, a 2010 Best App Ever Award nominee for the iPad. With the Viva la Turret Expansion users can access a new weapon, the Perforator turret, and a new gametype called Viva la Turret.

Tilt to Live HD, is an arcade shooter with five different modes of play and a unique combat system. Rather than endlessly firing at enemies, players must evade the horde and reach a weapon to activate it. On contact, without the need for any onscreen buttons, each of the ten unlockable weapons unleashes a different offensive attack. These include a burning barricade, an ice blast, and a spinning shield of spikes. All of this action is controlled exclusively by responsive, customizable tilt controls. In creating the HD version of the game, each gametype's arena was expanded to four times the size of its counterpart in the original Tilt to Live app for the iPhone.

In Viva la Turret, Tilt to Live HD's fifth gametype, players must make expert use of the new minigun turret weapon against an endless barrage of fresh enemy formations. Each turret lasts six point-earning seconds, during which players are fixed in place, vulnerable to droves of foes bearing down from all angles. Earning 3.5 million lifetime points in Viva la Turret will unlock the new Perforator weapon for use in the game's Code Red and Classic modes.

Customers who have already purchased the Full Version of Tilt to Live HD can buy the new content as a 99¢ In-App Purchase. For newcomers, the app's amended Full Version now includes everything for $4.99 USD .That's all ten unlockable weapons and all five gametypes, including the new Viva la Turret content.
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