Enslaved underperforms with 460,000 sold worldwide

Justin McElroy
J. McElroy|02.03.11

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Enslaved underperforms with 460,000 sold worldwide
Well, it seems as though Namco Bandai's strategy of half-heartedly promoting the excellent Enslaved has worked just as planned, with the game selling 460,000 units across the globe in the three months following its release. It was originally predicted to move a million units, though that was revised to 800K by Namco in November.

We know it's sad, but we can hope for a silver lining (and some corporate foresight) in the dark cloud on which Monkey finds himself. Dead Space sold under a half-million in the month after its release, and now you can't swing a cat without hitting a disembodied necromorph limb. Here's hoping Monkey finds the same sort success later in life -- and if not in a sequel, perhaps in another game like it.

Developer Ninja Theory is now hard at work on DMC, a reboot of Capcom's Devil May Cry series.
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