Sony Ericsson's Xperia Play retail booths exposed

We said it at the Show and we'll say it again, Sony Ericsson just can't keep a lid on (any) secret information. The Xperia Play, formerly and more poetically known as the PlayStation Phone, has been previewed, videoed, and loved (mostly by us), but today we can add even more to our foreknowledge about this still unannounced device in the form of its in-store booths. Yes, SE has planned out how resellers and carriers will pimp its gaming smartphone at retail, and yes, renders of that "brand experience" have leaked out. It's nothing jaw-dropping, just some upright pedestals with the words "smart phone, smart gaming" on its side, but at least it signals that we're at an advanced stage of preparations ahead of the handset's launch. There is a T-Mobile logo on there too, but that could be just a placeholder or could refer to territories outside the US. Either way, spring does sound like the perfect time for some more Gingerbread in our lives.

Update: Although we've been assured that the layout above is genuine, the slim device pictured on top of the stands looks like the Xperia Arc. The device at the bottom looks more like a cross between a PSP Go and the Xperia Play. Of course, we're expecting to see a myriad of Android devices announced with PlayStation Suite support, so who knows.