Vindictus spreads the love with new update and holiday

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|02.03.11

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Vindictus spreads the love with new update and holiday
Whether you're in the mood for hard combat or soft, silky underwear, Vindictus has you covered, strangely enough. Nexon's free-to-play title is charging through February in style, starting with a Valentine's Day event and ending with its massive Lost Artifacts update.

Quirky events have quickly become one of Vindictus' staples. Right now players can participate in V-Day events for special rewards. If fishing and chocolate hunting isn't your bag, you can simply purchase a Valentine's Package at the Supply Depot for "sexy Valentine's themed Inner Armor." Cute undies, in other words. Valentine's events will end after the 15th, so players are encouraged to partake sooner rather than regret it later.

On the 16th, Nexon rolls out the Lost Artifact update, which includes an increase in level cap to 60, six bonus chapters, and the Hoarfrost Depths and Hilder Forest zones. Lost Artifact also features two new modes, Hero and Gauntlet, for those seeking a more challenging dungeon experience.

You can check out pictures from these events as well as the Lost Artifact trailer after the jump.

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