Hotmail announces disposable e-mail addresses, those with disposable personas rejoice

Hotmail announces disposable e-mail addresses, trolls with disposable personas rejoyce

It's 3:27am and something is wrong on the internet. You just have to rip that hipster blogger a new one but don't want all the hateful responses from the Kool-Aid drinkers going to your precious Hotmail account that contains just your first name and year of birth -- plus your zip and area codes too. What do you do? You try out Hotmail Aliases, which let you create multiple, "disposable" e-mail accounts that all filter back to your primary one. This is something that you can do on Yahoo, but there you have to pay extra for Plus service and, while Gmail will let you create unique addresses too, there you can only add an extension to your existing handle. Here you're home free to create anything you want. Might we suggest