Rumor: NGP developers encouraged to go cross-platform

An anonymous developer speaking with Eurogamer paints a rosy picture of the NGP, calling it nothing less than a "developer's dream." The dev had just just returned, cheeks still presumably flush with pleasure, from a UK Sony meeting in which the company outlined the system's future.

Most concretely, Sony reportedly stated that all NGP launch games would be available both on the new format game cards and on the PlayStation Store, a feat its predecessor was never able to live up to.

Slightly murkier is the anonymous developer's claim that Sony encourages titles to be developed simultaneously for the NGP and PS3. From Eurogamer:

"'They want us to do cross-platform,' said the source, explaining that the submission process has been streamlined, with only a single submission required for a title on PSN and NGP. However, Sony is also insisting that it 'does not want exactly the same game' on NGP and PS3 -- there 'has to be a reason for the NGP title.' 'They want at least some kind of interactivity between the two versions with NGP-only extras.'"

While it's unclear what the implications of that are -- simultaneous PS3 and NGP releases, or retail NGP games available for download on PS3? -- one thing is certain: The future of the PlayStation platform is getting more interesting by the day.