Love is in the Air event plagued by bugs

Daniel Whitcomb
D. Whitcomb|02.06.11

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Love is in the Air event plagued by bugs
While Love is in the Air on the calendar, the air is full of grumbles in game as people discover that not only has the holiday changed on them, but a lot of bugs and anachronisms have popped up. Among the most dire:
  • Quests for the faction leader gifts currently point to faction leaders who died in the Cataclysm, including Cairne and Magni.
  • The dailies and main quest chain currently do not function for level 81-85 characters, leaving anyone who has a new 85 or just didn't get around to doing the quests in previous years unable to finish their achievements.
  • It's hard or impossible to buy certain special vendor items due to errors that show up when you click on them.
  • Apothecary Hummel is sometimes not showing up in the LFD tool for level 81-85 characters.
Blizzard is aware of these bugs, and blue poster Nephadne has posted a list of FAQs on the customer service forums that address many of the changes and bugs, including workarounds for the latter two issues listed above. She's also assured everyone that these bugs will be fixed either with hotfixes or when patch 4.0.6 drops. Read on after the break for the full text of Nephandra's FAQ.

"Apothecary Hummel, survivor of the Royal Apothecary Society purge, has started scheming again and word has it that he's looking for a cunning way to quickly spread his dangerous mind-altering alchemical formulas throughout the populace. Working with those business savvy goblins, he seems to have created the Crown Chemical Corporation to launch in tandem with the annual 'Love is in the Air' celebration taking place across Azeroth.
Suspicious of the upstart company's overnight success, the Steamwheedle Cartel has decided to recruit any interested and foolhardy adventurers to begin investigations into the corporation's strange dealings. Perhaps the chase will eventually lead to a final showdown with Apothecary Hummel and his co-conspirators in their secret lair..."
It's that bewitching time of year again, when NPCs and players alike go to great lengths to attract a better half, and the intoxicating smell of attraction carries on the wind... We've plenty planned to keep you amused this year, single or attached, so without further ado here's a quick rundown of the major attractions;
Decorations and Love Boats
We'll be adding some romantic adornments to all the major cities to set the mood, as well as putting on a private Love Boat service in certain selected romantic destinations for you and your chosen one to enjoy a scenic moment of alone time together.
Crown Chemical Co.
The Crown Chemical Corporation will be setting up shop once again, ready to Peddle their wares and be generous with their quests to all willing to approach these lovely stalls...
For any of you real old timers, don't forget that the format of this holiday has changed somewhat this year and last and that you'll need to pick up your Lovely Charm Collector's Kit from everyone's favourite scantily-clad flying Goblin, Mr Kwee Q. Peddlefeet, in order to begin collecting the Lovely Charms you'll need in order to create Lovely Charm Bracelets and get your hands on those ever elusive Love Tokens!
Apothecary Hummel
Whether you're interested in trying to get to the bottom of the Crown Chemical Co.'s strange doings or not, don't forget to pay Apothecary Hummel a few brief visits nonetheless... he and his Apothecary cronies have holed up in Shadowfang Keep (although the specific NPCs in the major cities should get you there much more quickly) and, if you can sniff them out and rub their noses in some sweet defeat, you should find yourself handsomely rewarded for your troubles!
That's just a small snippet of the hearty array of delightful diversions on offer but, before we love you and leave you, here are the answers to some potential questions you may be having;
Q: How do I get these Lovely Charms then? I'm confused...
A: As long as you have a Lovely Charm Collector's Kit on you, you should be able to start collecting Charms in the course of going about your daily business killing mobs that would normally give you experience or Honor.
Q: I just killed something, but I didn't get one! Why you no love me?!
A: There's only a chance to receive a Lovely Charm with each kill – you didn't think we were going to make it that easy, did you?
Q: So, how does the Apothecary Hummel thing work this year? Like the Brewfest and Hallow's End bosses?
A: That's correct! Apothecary Hummel obviously has some loot himself, but when you complete the associated quest each day you'll be awarded with a very special box... hopefully you'll find your heart's desire inside, as no swapsies of the contents will be possible between friends or party members!
Q: I don't seem to be able to turn in the 'A Gift for the Lord of Ironforge' quest. They took my Magni, but I <3 him...!
A: Unfortunately Mr Peddlefeet has yet to be informed of this regrettable turn of events, but we'll be trying to make sure he's re-educated as soon as possible. In the meantime, please shower your affection on any of your other loyal and devoted faction leaders, and we're sure Muradin will hopefully be stealing your hearts back in no time!
Q: Ditto the 'A Gift for the High Chieftain' quest! RIP Cairne... :'(
A: As with the corresponding miscommunication above, this is something we're working to rectify as soon we're able. Apologies for any disappointment, inconvenience or heartbreak caused in the interim, however.
Q: Why is my Heart-Shaped Box empty? That's taking things to a whole new level of rejection!
A: Actually, all the Heart-Shaped Boxes contain 24 Justice Points, so none of these containers of affection can actually be considered to be empty... If you're receiving the message 'There is no loot.', that really only means there's no additional loot this time around.
Keep trying though, as there are some lovely treats available for the luckier amongst you!
Q: Why can't I get to Apothecary Hummel using the LFD Tool? It's not there!
A: If you're level 84 or above, you can now make use of the Steamwheedle Shyster <Dungeonmaster> NPCs located in most of the major cities in order to make your way swiftly (and with the minimum of fuss) to meet the Apothecary in battle!
Q: I'm having issues with the vendors – apparently I can't buy what I want because 'You can't buy the specified quantity of that item'. Help!
A: We're aware that there seem to currently be some issues with attempting to purchase the items bought in stacks already, but in the meantime you should be able to get around the error message by making use of the /run BuyMerchantItem() script.
Here are the appropriate values for all the affected items;
Lovely Rose ► /run BuyMerchantItem(2)
"Bravado" Cologne ► /run BuyMerchantItem(3)
"STARWART" Cologne ► /run BuyMerchantItem(4)
"Wizardry" Cologne ► /run BuyMerchantItem(5)
"VICTORY" Perfume ► /run BuyMerchantItem(6)
"Forever" Perfume ► /run BuyMerchantItem(7)
"Enchantress" Perfume ► /run BuyMerchantItem(8)
Handful of Rose Petals ► /run BuyMerchantItem(11)
Love Rocket ► /run BuyMerchantItem(12)
Silver Shafted Arrow ► /run BuyMerchantItem(13)
Q: I don't seem to be able to obtain the level 81-85 versions of the 'Crushing the Crown' quest! What's going on? And what about my achievement?
A: Please don't worry – we're already aware of this issue and working to get it resolved as soon as possible. You should still have plenty of time to get the achievement completed once the fix has been applied.

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